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Hokkaido pumpkin veoluté with marinated llampuga and blue potato chips

An excellent recipe from chef Gerhard Schwaiger

The chef starts the recipe by advising to store the desired vegetables in the pantry or refrigerator, without cleaning, with roots and stems. If they had any dirt, remove it with a soft paper. This way they will be preserved for much longer.

To make pumpkin velouté you need a small hokaido pumpkin some white wine, Noilly Prat, butter, cream, chicken broth and salt and black pepper.

Chef Gerhard Schwaiger's recipe

Reduce white wine and Noilly Prat, add chicken broth
Carefully remove the pulp from the squash so you can take advantage of it from a deep plate
Add the squash to the broth and cook until smooth, add cream and butter and flirt with a blender until creamy
Cut blue potato with the help of a cold cut cutter to make them very thin
Set aside in water for an hour to remove starch, remove and dry with kitchen paper
Fry in oil until crispy
Clean and remove the lons from the rain, cut into sashimi slices
Mix sugar, soy sauce and lime juice
On a flat plate place the sauce and the llampuga on top so that it is soaked and slowly marined
 Present the velouté in the empty squash, place the marinated llampuga on top of it and cover with the blue potato chips, which will salt slightly

"Present the velouté in the empty pumpkin, place the marinated llampuga on top and cover with the blue potato chips"

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