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Christmas in Mallorcan cuisine

Land of traditions with its own dishes for these days

Month of family reunions, memories, nostalgia, love, physical or virtual reunions and also, this year more than ever, to relive emotions and feelings, why not, sitting around a table; It is certainly a very intimate table but where despite missing physical contact with loved ones, we will not stop sharing joys and souls with more strength and intensity if possible. Let's not stop celebrating the end of this 2020 by toasting those of us who are here and especially those who have left but who continue and will continue forever very close, right in the epicenter of our hearts. In Mallorca, land of traditions, we have our own dishes for these days. In many houses, every year the same menu is repeated: a clear soup, a cold meat, "la porçella" or "endiot". Now, with these elements (almost always the same) and our Mallorcan cookbook we can make countless dishes, to which one better, from a "filled soup", a typical Manacor cold meat called "farciment", or some "endiot scaldums"


For the Christmas menu, in addition to the "filled soup", the "farcida soup" is classic; to prepare it, a good broth is made and it is accompanied by a few slices of bread roll or loaf bread, from the previous day, which is dipped in a little milk, covered with croquette paste made with the minced meat used to make the broth, it is passed through beaten egg and fried. On each plate, depending on the size of the slice of bread, put one or two pieces and pour the broth on top.


Another soup would be the "queen's soup", for which we will make a good broth with all kinds of meats except lamb. Once the broth is done, we will crumble all the meat and with it we will make some meatballs and fry them. We will also fry some small bread crusts, which we will reserve together with the meatloaf. When going to serve, we will heat the broth, bringing it to a boil and adding a little cinnamon and a handful of chopped almonds.
In the tureen we will put the crostones, the meatballs and we will blanch it with the broth. You can also add pieces of flan, made only of eggs and milk, to a bain-marie, or another option is to add chopped hard-boiled eggs.


It can be said that the most Mallorcan soup would be the "almond cream"; For its preparation we start by making, as always, a good broth. With the meat that we remove, we form some meatballs, just as we did in the previous soup. We reserve them.


In the broth, add the chopped almonds and let it boil long enough to thicken, until it has the consistency of a cream.


Finally we serve it with the meatballs. Always starting from the best possible broth, a simple “macaroni soup” can be made. If the "Nadal" menu is not very extensive, you could make some cannelloni, either fish or vegetables, for example, filling them with a spinach bechamel. They are very tasty if you put a tomato sauce at the bottom of the casserole, then the cannelloni, and finally they are covered with a white sauce and gratin with cheese.


We're not going to talk about the suckling pig today, we'll leave it for another day. In almost all the houses some “roasted” suckling pigs are made, which are a delight for the palate and as a solution there are “ovens-bakeries” that roast them masterfully. Let's talk about the other "staple" of the Christmas kitchen: the turkey. Scaldums are the best known dish, the one that is made the most and is also personalized in each home. Everyone boasts of their way of making them and I think that this characteristic, in addition to being beautiful, gives importance to this simple and tasty dish.



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