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Autor: Rafel Calle
Three full days of talks, showcooking and championships

They were three hectic days for the world of hotel, restaurant and catering in Mallorca. One hundred and twenty exhibitors, thousands of visitors and hundreds of chefs involved in the fourth edition of Horeca made the Palma Velodrome a veritable hotbed of colors, aromas, flavors and textures to enjoy and experience from February 3 to 5.

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Restoration Mallorca and Calvia 2000

Partners to improve collective selective collection in tourist areas

The association of bars and restaurants Restauración Mallorca has signed a collaboration agreement with the municipal company Calvià 2000. The objective of this is to improve and make more efficient the management of the waste collection system in the first lines of the tourist areas of the municipality.

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Bodegas Angel and Mallorca Voltors

A perfect party for a great season

The weather had threatened to do its thing for more than a week, however, the storm was benevolent and he decided to withdraw so that on January 24th it would dawn sunny, full of light and a bit hot. Bodegas Ángel, located in Santa María, prepared the last details to celebrate a party in which nothing was lacking.

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Cofradía Balear del Arroz

When a great rice farmer and a great truffle producer come together

Last Saturday an almost historic union took place in one of the rooms that the Ruycal multispace, located in Santa María, offers for the celebration of all kinds of events. Kike Martí, one of the best rice masters, was joined by Jaume Rosselló, producer in Inca of the wonderful and very peculiar Mallorcan truffles. The members of the Cofradía Balear del Arroz were witnesses and privileged tasters of such an illustrious coalition.

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El Patio de Gloria

Visit of the Balearic Gastronomy and Culture Club

In the endearing Calle San Jaime is El Patio de Glòria, a charming restaurant where chef Javier Gardonio delighted the Club members with his surprising traveling cuisine, in which Km 0 is a priority. Javier and the entire restaurant team left an imprint of good gastronomic work and the promise of diners to repeat the experience at the slightest occasion.

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The latest in gastronomic news

Casa Marcial

Prepares for the new summer season

Chefs Esther and Nacho Manzano along with Sandra Manzano as maitre celebrate the opening of Asturias' perimeter closure welcoming the new summer season of their restaurant Casa Marcial, awarded two Michelin stars, three Repsol Suns and 50 Best Discovery.


Can Jaume Artesans

In the Mercat de l'Olivar since 1927

“And we hope to make it to the century” says Jaume Aguiló, owner and one of the great meat experts in Mallorca...

The latest interviews

Jaume Aguiló: fourth generation of Can Jaume Artesans

"I have grown up and lived in the Mercat de l'Olivar, one of the hearts of Mallorca"

Jaume Aguiló is the fourth generation of Can Jaume Artesans, mercat de l'Olivar, member of the Union of Users for twenty-five years, and president of Mercat for about a decade. All this time he has seen the market change and adapt. Now, like all its small merchants and craftsmen, he fears that the end of this iconic place will be near.


Universo Chef

Rodrigo Vallejo: "We like that when a customer tries one of our dishes it reminds him of a good stew ..."

Rodrigo Vallejo is a young professional that we must include in the list of chefs who cook with a lot of foundation and contribute to make Mallorca a gastronomic paradise, not in vain, as he explains in the interview, his training has taken place together with several great of cookers.

The latest opinions

Red hot stoves

The contradictions of garlic

By popular request, this month we will take a look at one of the most contradictory ingredients that exist regarding its quality and aphrodisiac quality: common in Spanish cuisine (and even distinctive of it on many occasions), garlic is a plant that has been as praised as it is vilified when it comes to favoring (or blocking) the passions of Venus ... and without all that glitters being gold, it is true that there are many who ponder its qualities in this and in other fields, with greater or less foundation.


Gourmet cards

The comwinetion

Why not call the act of combining food and wine a conwinetion? Are we not a little tired of so much pairing, of so much culinary marriage, of so much wordiness and fatuousness?

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Red prawn

Nature does not want it to become extinct

The red shrimp is Mother Nature's spoiled child, this is the only way to explain that today it has not become extinct, after suffering overexploitation since the 1950s.



New York sensations on La Rambla

Located in the central and floral Palma promenade, RAMblaBAR is one of the culinary jewels with which Ramón Andreu, owner of the Tast group, delights patrons and occasional visitors.

The latest recipes

Escaldums de Nadal

Recipe from the book of A.Tugores

​​​​​​​We share for the occasion the recipe for "Escaldums de Nadal", from Binissalem, collected from page 198 of the book by A. Tugores.


Hokkaido pumpkin veoluté with marinated llampuga and blue potato chips

An excellent recipe from chef Gerhard Schwaiger

The chef starts the recipe by advising to store the desired vegetables in the pantry or refrigerator, without cleaning, with roots and stems. If they had any dirt, remove it with a soft paper. This way they will be preserved for much longer.