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Highest quality maintenance and services

RUIZ VERA aims to keep the facilities of its clients in perfect condition, seeking constant operation of the facilities, better energy performance and greater durability of the equipment.


The experience, flexibility and training of its technicians allows them to undertake a wide variety of maintenance services, managing to adapt to different sectors:

• Industrial maintenance.
• Hotel maintenance.
• Tertiary Maintenance.


They design a schedule with the periodicities required by each equipment or type of installation through a CMMS, complying with the legal, efficiency and service needs desired by the client. This planning is carried out taking into account the different needs that they propose to their clients and taking into account the different types of maintenance:

• Technical-legal.
• Preventive.
• Predictive.
• Corrective.
• Conductive.


RUIZ VERA has the workers and certifications to develop the highest quality maintenance in the facilities of:

• Air conditioning.
• Ventilation.
• Sanitization and disinfection of air conduction equipment.
• Heating.
• Sanitary Hot Water.
• Plumbing.
• Sanitation.
• Electricity (Low Voltage).
• Gas (Category A).


RUIZ VERA began its activity in 2014 with extensive experience of its technical staff in the sector, as a company dedicated to the maintenance of technical installations for climate, electricity, plumbing and machinery for the hotel industry, including the design of industrial kitchens and bar bars key on hand.




It is a MAINTENANCE AND SERVICES company capable of providing multidisciplinary customer-oriented services.

The objective of your company is to provide the human and material resources to jointly offer the services that a company demands, both in terms of organization and professionalism. Thus offering a fast, efficient service with all the guarantees. The philosophy of your company is based on flexibility of work adjusting to the needs and suggestions raised by the client. 

They have the appropriate material means for the task and the machinery to develop the services provided with quality and efficiency.

RUIZ VERA has a staff of 20 professionals who, through their training and extensive experience, support its technical capacity to carry out maintenance, services and works. Complying with the standards of quality and environmental protection as well as safety and health at work. They have the economic and financial solvency necessary to carry out their services with the aforementioned quality and efficiency.

To guarantee proximity to the client and the quality of the services provided, they have corporate offices, a showroom, a warehouse and a workshop in the Polígono de Son Bugadellas, in Santa Ponsa, Calviá, as well as the usual means of contact for immediate attention.

They have consolidated their solvency and position, thanks to constant effort and the illusion to improve day after day. They implement projects with a global perspective and have the capacity to address market demands.

They advise on reforms or updating of obsolete facilities.

RUIZ VERA offers its experience in the preparation of studies and projects both in engineering and technical installations as well as in hospitality equipment. Its Project Management Service contemplates a methodology of Planning, Organization, Management and Control, both technical and economic, of the resources necessary to adequately meet the project objectives, allowing its clients to achieve efficient construction management.

RUIZ VERA provides a complete range of auditing, inspection and measurement, facility optimization and maintenance services throughout the entire life cycle of your buildings. It thus guarantees the comfort and safety of the users, minimizing operating costs and improving performance.

RUIZ VERA offers this type of assistance as an added service derived from the experience and ability to lead, plan, organize and supervise the execution of projects for third parties.

They pursue a continuous process of improvement in the way they operate and in their management of occupational risks, obtaining greater efficiency and improving the satisfaction of their clients. For this reason, they have the implementation of the following approvals and certifications:

• ISO 9001: Quality management (ongoing).
• ISO 14001: Environmental management (in progress).
• Registration of authorized Low Voltage installer.
• Category A gas installation company.
• Company that handles fluorinated gases, refrigeration systems for any load of fluorinated refrigerants.
• Installation and / or maintenance company of Thermal Installations in buildings (RITE).
• Level 1 refrigeration company.
• Company Registered in the REA.


They make their infrastructure available to client companies in the training area. They have a team of professionals who are experts in specialized subjects, technological supports and educational materials to offer specific courses for recycling and advice to service personnel.

The comprehensive service encompasses all maintenance activities in buildings or facilities in:

• Industrial facilities: electrical, air conditioning, industrial cold, ventilation, extraction, filtration and gas.
• Preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance of different types of facilities and equipment.
• Advice and energy efficiency proposals.


These activities include:

• Implementation and monitoring of the established preventive maintenance plans, in accordance with the technical sheets associated with each equipment and installation.
• Carrying out both fortuitous and scheduled corrective maintenance during shutdown.
• Compliance with maintenance and conductive routes, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the facilities.
• Modifying and predictive maintenance tasks, in order to obtain the best performance from the facilities.
• Energy and environmental management for a better use of energy and an optimization of the consumption costs of the facilities. Also, the Technical-Legal Management of the installation is included, with the introduction of the mandatory registration books or, where appropriate, their updating by a competent technician.


Each client is different and each project requires a personalized analysis, so its technical team studies each case and offers personalized technical solutions according to needs.



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