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Interview with Gloria Ramos

Owner of the company Consultoría Decorativa

Rafel Calle

-Define your décor style

The truth is that in my projects the style is decided by the client, although I opt for the Nordic style for its warmth, the Mediterranean style for its lightness or the Zen style for its clarity and space.

-How do you consider a client's project?

At the housing level, I first need to know your daily life needs; then the changes you'd like to make to your routine. With this information we design the whole house creating a home that has all the spaces and amenities.

At the company level we talk about the objectives and needs that are set, to create a space where human quality is represented, the use of space and, above all, that your office represents the image of the company.

In commercial premises, the most important thing is to adapt the whole image to the activity it develops. In addition, we focus on the facade and the front door, for us it is the mouth of the place and what makes people walk through the door.

All space is like a living ente with its own needs, we adapt all the decoration based on these needs and the needs of the client.

-What is the most important thing to get the project right and that the client is satisfied?

Without a doubt the most important thing is to know in depth the needs of the client and accompany him throughout the process, helping him in the choice of materials, decoration..., we are at his side until the last moment.

-Tell us the most important benefits that are achieved with your decoration method.

The most important thing is that my clients live in a space where they feel represented, that they feel that is exactly what they need.

A space designed by us ensures well-being, peace, increased creativity, communication..., all this makes personal relationships much more harmonious and, at the business level, that employees and customers always feel welcomed by the company.

-What is your job, doing the project and what else...?

Before carrying out the project we have several meetings with our client to assess their current situation and the objectives that they want to achieve. Once we have this information we make the distribution proposal and, of course, it is necessary to make it. We continue with the decoration advising you on the whole project.

We adapt to your budget and needs.

-Is the service offered by your company expensive?

Not at all! our knowledge is unique in Spain and we usually be with our client more than 100 hours between meetings and execution of the project.

As to whether it's expensive or cheap, it all depends on people's awareness of money. The vast majority of my clients tell me that the work we have done to them is much more and better than they thought.


-The reason why we should go to your firm and not another?

Because our method is unique reaching customized decorative solutions for our customers.

All our work is based on my method that gives us a lot of information about what each space needs and the people who use it.

We perform an energy analysis whereby we can know exactly which areas are good or bad of the whole space and what solution to give to our customers.

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