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Delicious activated buckwheat coca

A delicious recipe by Juan Manuel Ocampo and Rafel Mulet

At Cal Reiet's Table, more than anywhere else, food is the medicine of the body. For this reason in their kitchens are prepared recipes very tempting and colorful, but full of energy and healthy ingredients.

One of the secrets of this delicious crunchy coke, with a fresh salad on top, is that you don't use the oven to cook it.

1.Soak buckwheat and flaxseeds. After a while, crush with carrots and raisins.

2.Spread the dough on baking paper to make it as thin as possible and place it in a dehydrator for a day.

3.Prepare hummus with a mixture of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, salt, lemon oil and cumin. This base will be used to make turmeric and beet humus. Place all three mixtures on the coke.

4.Cut dehydrated tomatoes in julienne, kalamata olives in quarters, prepare red onion pickles, and choose various leaves of oxalis lettuce, vinaigrette... of the orchard.

5.Season with olive oil, hibiscus salt and pepper.

"Spread the dough on baking paper so that it is as thin as possible and place it in a dehydrator"

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