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Chicken empanadas Argentina style

Eduardo Bianco's recipe

 The empanadas are a classic in Argentine cuisine and Malbec Wine&Grill prepares them with art and mastery. For the occasion, and although a chef never fails to reveal the secrets of his recipes, they present a very thin-crusted chicken patty and delicious filling.

Eduardo Bianco, the chef of Malbec Wine&Grill, and Cristina Ionescu, owner of the restaurant, allow us to look out of the kitchen and learn how to prepare these typical Argentine empanadas.

Tasty and crunchy, the original recipe

1.Chop a good-sized chicken breast and season with oregano, salt, sweet and spicy paprika
2.Chop and caramelize an onion over a low heat
3.Cut and add red pepper, let it sing a little and add the breast
4.Simmer the set, until cooked through
5.Allow the filling to cool
6.Fill circles of dough, seal the edges so that a crescent remains and cook in the oven.

"Experienced chefs close the empanada giving it a different shape to differentiate it from others"

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